Be creative

I talk a lot about being creative and accomplishing your goals and what some people don't know is that when I see pictures, products or mess, I feel the need to analyse and reproduce something fun and well, you guessed it 'creative'.

I have done this my whole life, so when I decided to start TKP, I wondered why I found it so hard to execute my vision...was it that, I new exactly what I wanted to do and maybe I wanted to create something so beautiful that I had writers block? or was it that I was scared of what people thought?

I think both. It's a scary thing trying to put not only yourself out there but also your vision. But #Kinders let me tell you, we all have to start somewhere and this is where I start 

For all the #Kinders who are saying I won't or I can't, change that 'no' into a 'yes', or put your plans into perspective. Let your vision be your success, even if that means hitting the smallest of your goals - every milestone is your success.

You got this 👍