Be proud of how hard your working!

Sitting here, working away on a Monday night, while the kids are asleep and I COULDN'T be happier.

Yes, I might be tired and yes, I might just hit the snooze button a few extra times than normal in the morning (OK I lie, it doesn't matter how much sleep I get, I do this anyway) but I know I wont regret the extra time I have been putting into my new venture while also letting my creativity flow! I guess it's truly the little things that make you the happiest in life.

What is something that makes you happy? A beautiful arvo with the kids, a nice glass of wine at night? I have many things that make me happy and not to be cliche, but mine would be my family. I am really truly a home body and a family gal (yes, I said 'gal' 😅😂 apparently I am channeling Carrie Bradshaw, tonight 😆😅).

So #Kinders, before the night ends, I challenge you to think of ONE thing that makes you happy!! Have a good rest because tomorrow is a new beautiful day!