The Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist

Kinders, it’s finally here! The ultimate TKP Hospital Bag Checklist. When it comes to packing your Hospital Bag, preparation is key and our Hospital Bag Checklist has been collated with all the necessities you need to be prepared for your hospital stay. No more ‘extras’ and no more ‘junk’, so reduce your anxiety and stress and print a copy today!  

Let’s start with the ‘not’ so fun stuff - documentation –

  • Medicare card
  • Private Health Care Card (if you have one and if you’re going Public, still bring this! There are some small items you can claim…aka your room TV 😊)
  • Red Book (birth plan)
  • Any other health records you may need to present to your doctor/midwife

Now for the fun stuff – the necessities –

  • An old shirt or baggy maternity dress to chuck on while you are in labor
  • Button-down pajamas or maternity pj’s x2
  • Dressing Gown (this was my all-time favorite thing in my hospital bag…great to cover up when your visitors come)
  • Black undies (in a bigger size) or disposable underwear x6 (the more the merrier)
  • Nursing bra x2
  • Socks x2
  • Slippers/thongs (or both)
  • Maternity Pads
  • Soap/Body Wash
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Hair ties or scrunchies
  • Hairbrush
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Lip Balm (this is heavenly after birth)
  • Moisturiser
  • Nipple Cream
  • Breast Pads
  • A heat pack or ice pack
  • Gum
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Phone Charger

 Things to remember when packing for your hospital stay –

  • Checklists are great but make sure you stay true to yourself and only really pack what you use at home – strange products and brands are generally not a good idea!
  • Your Husband will be ok without a notepad and pen…
  • Pack gum. Always pack gum.
  • Have lots of undies, or disposable underwear packed! I always say…more is better!
  • Two changes of clothes (other than your undies, seriously… pack a lot of undies. You will absolutely need these) as your partner or birthing partner can go home, wash and bring them back up to the hospital for you the next day. Overpacking IS NOT YOUR FRIEND.
  • Keep things simple. For example, your handbag generally contains your wallet (with coins), phone and some makeup. So bring it with you.

I could babble on and on about giving birth and being prepared until the cows come home, but for now, rest while you can, enjoy endless amounts of Netflix and dream of those newborn cuddles with your new baby!

Until next time, Kinders xoxo


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