The start. The beginning, but no end.

Welcome! I knew you would turn up some time. Have a look around and buy some gorgeous goodies that are full of educational value, items that are handmade and made from sustainable products, good for the environment and perfect for your child - who would have thought! 

Let me introduce myself, I am a mother of three and a wife to my Handsome Husband (HH). I have two beautiful girls aged 6 and 3 and a handsome six month old, baby boy. My HH William is the light of my world and he supports me wholeheartedly. Plain and simple, this is why the Kindred Potts was born. 

The Kindred Potts is full of beautiful items that will help nurture not only your child, your friends and possibly their children but maybe even shockingly...yourself! Sometimes as a parent its hard to focus on what's new, whats educational and what will stand the test of...cough...cough, playtime. 

For my children, I had searched far and wide for quality products that would nurture them and find goodies that are fun and functional through playtime and more.

Once I found these items, I decided to share them with the world and be the 'one stop shop' for my customers, so there would be no more fuss when shopping for their littlies. 

The Kindred Potts is ever growing and will always be bringing in new products for you to share and enjoy with your loved ones!

I introduce to you, the Kindred Potts where all items have been hand chosen by me and my team.

xoxo, Kay