Style Me Pretty - Hair Pack

Style Me Pretty - Hair Pack

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The Style Me Pretty Hair Pack is the perfect travel pack for your overnight stay, hotel trip or even your Hospital bag! 

This pack comes packed full of Eco-Friendly travel size essential hair items, that are delivered right to your door! Its your stress-free packing solution!

All products are Eco-Friendly, Organic and Vegan.

Why you need this pack -

  • Eco-Friendly (good for you and baby)
  • Supplies for your overnight bag, maternity bag, makeup bag
  • Maternity bag/baby bag essentials
  • Stress-free packing solution
  • Hospital Bag items made easy

The Style Me Pretty Hair Pack Includes -

  • Giovanni 50/50 Shampoo (travel size - 60mls)
  • Giovanni 50/50 Conditioner (travel size - 60mls)
  • Giovanni LA Hold Hair Spray (travel size - 65mls)
  • Bass Brushes Eco-Flex Detangler Brush
  • Happy Scrunchies x2
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